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Cubavera is your one stop shop for linen shirts, tropical print shirts, dress shirts, wedding groomsmen shirts; you name it! Linen, cotton/linen blends, and rayon fabrics are all found in our selection when you need a breathable top for an occasion. Find something here that suits the relaxed lifestyle you deserve.

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Formal: We offer the traditional, Latin guayabera as an option for wedding wear and other warm weather tops, like our 100% linen button-ups and guayabera style dress shirts. We specialize in unique prints, embroidery and Latin-inspired styles that you can take with you on your next vacation or wear whenever you feel like you want to relax and enjoy the summer sun.

Casual: In essence, Cubavera embodies the casual, laid back style of the Caribbean, but some styles can be worn in more casual settings, like our floral print shirts for men that give an island vibe to every outfit. Pair with some sandals and take in the fresh scent of the sea breeze whenever you feel like winding down.

Did we mention our color selection? Linen attire and other Hispanic-inspired styles are bright, energetic and, as such, are expressed through our color choices and collection, Find lively colors like coral, teal, light blues and bright pinks that add life to your day when you slip them on in the morning.

Browse through our men’s dress shirts and choose from the best in linen wear and men’s warm weather style with Cubavera.

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