Men's Long Sleeve Linen Shirts

Look – and feel – your best in men's long sleeve linen shirts with all-day comfort and sharp style. Our linen long sleeve shirts give you a sophisticated and dressy look, plus full protection from the sun. Browse our collection of tuck shirts, panel shirts, guayaberas, and more.

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Linen Long Sleeve Shirts With Sharp Style and All-Day Comfort

Show you care about appearances by wearing a crisp linen long sleeve shirt to your next special event, date night, or family dinner. When the weather's hot but you want to look cool, linen is the way to go. Our men's long sleeve linen shirts are stylishly tailored and designed for all-day comfort.

For a beach wedding, cruise, or other occasion during the warmer months, a men's white linen shirt with long sleeves is a wardrobe choice that's both fashionable and practical. Linen's fiber and weave allow air to flow between the fabric and your skin, keeping you cool even when offering the full coverage of long sleeves. Pick a white linen long sleeve shirt in a simple style, or with subtle but interesting details like tucks or vertical panels.

Our collection of men's long sleeve linen shirts doesn’t stop at white, though. We offer a range of color options, from soft pastels to bold shades. The original guayabera is long sleeved, and our guayabera collection includes traditional white and pastel colors as well as bright modern hues.

Browse our wide selection of men's long sleeve linen shirts, and learn for yourself what fashionable men of the tropics have long known – that linen is the comfortable and sophisticated choice for warm-weather days.

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