Men’s Embroidered Guayaberas

The days may be steamy, but you’re cool and comfortable in a classic Latin-inspired Cubavera embroidered guayabera shirt. Traditionally worn untucked over Cubavera linen pants, the fit is flattering and relaxed. It’s the perfect shirt for wherever summer takes you. Don’t forget to add a Cubavera Panama hat for a suave finishing touch.

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The days are hot but you�re fresh and cool in a Cubavera embroidered guayabera shirt. It�s a classic for a reason - the relaxed fit lets you breathe when the temperature and humidity rise. The guayabera is worn by men in the tropics for almost any occasion - daytime beach strolls, beach weddings, or salsa dancing under the stars. The versatility of the guayabera makes it your go-to summer shirt. Pair it with Cubavera linen pants for a complete summer-ready outfit. Put on a Cubavera guayabera and let the summer fun begin - you�re ready to take it all on in style.